Simplifying Construction

Construction is complex. Hospitality is even more challenging. We are here to help simplify hotel construction lending.

Our process is different, we focus on key performance indicators from financial data, schedule analysis, and experienced observations. We deliver concise, consistent and visual reporting using COMPLY, our proprietary software.

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We bridge the gap between the lender and the construction experts. 

We offer consistent concise reporting across your portfolio.

Standardizing this reporting boosts efficiency and enhances risk mitigation.

Sharpen your focus on the critical information enabling better and faster decision making.

CCD-Advisors provides an array of services to help you execute on your business plan.

  • Turn-key management of your deals under construction.
  • Pre-closing/pre-funding project assessments.
  • Ongoing monthly monitoring to oversee the deployment of your capital.

how we help

Client Solutions

Make the oversight process frictionless so that you can focus more time on the next deal.

When our clients originate loans or invest in real estate projects, they depend on our expertise to protect their investments.

We are your ground-level ally.

With COMPLY, our proprietary software, we provide concise, consistent and intuitive reporting. Allowing our clients to quickly digest and conceptualize the status of any project, react in an informed manner, and stay ahead of any turbulence.


Our reports eliminate storytelling and provide all the necessary details with a clear and concise methodology.


Our proprietary software provides an innovative and interactive interface streamlining your experience.


We have a diverse background in construction & development allowing us to provide superior advice.

Stop wasting time on inefficient reporting, let us handle it.

Spend more time closing the next deal, instead of bogged down reviewing inefficient reporting. CCD-Advisors and our COMPLY software will free-up you and your team while enabling greater risk mitigation and project oversight.

We provide visibility into a chaotic industry through concise, informative reporting standards allowing our clients to quickly and easily understand the status of each investment.

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who we work with

We help a variety of professionals.

We are not another project management tool. We are a compliance, monitoring, data collection, financial insight and risk management advisor. Utilizing our proprietary software, COMPLY, all stakeholders in the development process can benefit from concise and consistent visibility into their deals.
  • Lenders

    Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance team across your portfolio.

  • Investors

    Gain unparalleled insight into the progress and status of your investment.

Our Services

Project Assessments

Reviewing all the development documents is critical to underwriting a deal. We streamline this process in an easily digestible way to help you understand any underlying risk.

Monthly Monitoring

Boots on the ground is critical in understanding the status of a project. When our advisors visit we look for anything that may potentially spring up as a problem.

Construction Portfolio Management

Managing a stable of consultants, understanding the lingo and communicating the risk mitigation needs that your deal requires is challenging. We bridge the gap between the lender and the construction experts. Lenders and construction professionals don't always speak the same language. We are fluent in both and ensure that nothing is lost in translation. By managing your entire portfolio, we provide consistent messaging about the status of each deal, as well as advise about overall portfolio risk This streamlines your understanding of the state of each project and the entire portfolio.

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